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LS Tractor – MT2E Series

Value Compact Tractor
  • MT240HE – 40HP
  • MT240HE – 40HP


From LS Tractor:

The MT2E Series provides customers with value and affordable horsepower.  This series not only promotes a variety of horsepower’s, but also boast numerous features and implements that can make this series a perfect fit for many applications.

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  • There are no features available
XG3135 XG3135H XG3140 XG3140H
Gross Horsepower 35 40
PTO Horsepower 30.1 28 34.3 32
Engine Type 3-cylinder CRDI Water Cooled
Transmission Syncro Shuttle Hydrostatic Drive Transmission (HST) Syncro Shuttle Hydrostatic Drive Transmission (HST)
Number of Speeds 12x12 3 Range 12x12 3 Range
PTO Type Independent
Hydraulic Total (gpm) 12.3 13.7 12.3 13.7
Hitch Lift Capacity (hitch end) (lbs) 1808
Hydraulic Control Position
Weight (lbs) 2881 2884 2881 2884
LL3111 LL3112
Lift Capacity (lbs) 1600 2189
Maximum Lift Height (in) 94
Bucket Width (in) 66
Approximate Width
(Loader without Bucket) (lbs)

Standard 6 Year Warranty. Give us a call for more details.

LS Tractor – MT2E Series Overview

Condition: Brand New
Equipment Type: Tractor
Model Year: 2021
Brand: LS Tractor
Model: MT2E
Engine HP/Displacement: 35 - 40HP
Loader Lift Capacity: 2153
Hydraulic Total (gpm): 13.7
Weight (lbs): 2884
Warranty: Standard 6 Year Warranty
Transmission: Synchro Shuttle or HST
PTO HP: 28 - 34
3-Point Lift Capacity: 1808
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