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LS Tractor – XP8000 Series

Heavy Duty Utility Tractor


  • Fully Synchronized Shuttle Shift (Open Station) or Power Shuttle (Cab)
  • 3 Sets of Front Outlet Valve with 3rd Function Joystick
  • Remote Valves with Float and Detent Functions
  • Outstanding Lift Capacity
  • Deluxe Adjustable Air Suspension Seat



Gross Horsepower84.585.5
PTO Horsepower71.885.5
Engine Type4-cylinder Turbo, CRDI, Water Cooled
TransmissionSynchro ShuttlePower Shuttle
Number of Speeds20x2040x40
PTO TypeIndependent / Ground Speed PTO
Hydraulic Total (gpm)22.2
Hitch Lift Capacity (hitch end) (lbs)72758378
Hydraulic ControlPosition / Draft
Weight (lbs)677175257714
Lift Capacity (lbs)5139
Maximum Lift Height (in)139.9
Bucket Width (in)83
Approximate Width
(Loader without Bucket) (lbs)

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  • There are no features available
XP8084 XP8084CPS XP8101CPS
Gross Horsepower 84.5 85.5
PTO Horsepower 71.8 85.5
Engine Type 4-cylinder Turbo, CRDI, Water Cooled
Transmission Synchro Shuttle Power Shuttle
Number of Speeds 20x20 40x40
PTO Type Independent / Ground Speed PTO
Hydraulic Total (gpm) 22.2
Hitch Lift Capacity (hitch end) (lbs) 7275 8378
Hydraulic Control Position / Draft
Weight (lbs) 6771 7525 7714
Lift Capacity (lbs) 5139
Maximum Lift Height (in) 139.9
Bucket Width (in) 83
Approximate Width
(Loader without Bucket) (lbs)

Standard 6 Year Warranty. Give us a call for more information.

LS Tractor – XP8000 Series Overview

Condition: Brand New
Equipment Type: Tractor
Model Year: 2019
Brand: LS Tractor
Model: XP8000
Engine HP: 84.5 - 100.6
Loader Lift Capacity: 5139
Hydraulic Total (gpm): 22.2
Weight (lbs): 6771 - 7714
Warranty: Standard 6 Year Warranty
Transmission: Synchro Shuttle / Power Shuttle
PTO HP: 71.8 - 85.5
3-Point Lift Capacity: 7275 - 8378
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